List of Possible Topics

Want to join the initiative but are not really sure what to post on. We have jotted down a list of possible topics you can post on. These are just some options and you are free to post on any other topic you think is relevant to the subject

  • How can a parent empower their child to say no.
  • No/Stop/Tell- Teach your child.
  • Good Touch Bad Touch
  • Precautions a parent can take to ensure their child is safe
  • Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • How to handle it when a child tells you about being abused
  • Teaching your child about sexuality, what is the right age and way to do so.
  • What are the signs to watch out for as a parent
  • What are the laws governing Child Sexual Abuse in India
  • What are the emotional consequences of sexual abuse
  • When is it sexual exploration and when is it abuse
  • How does abuse affect a child’s adult relationships with the opposite sex
  • Boys can get abused too, not just girls
  • Its not always an adult who will abuse your child, watch out for older kids too
  • When should you seek professional counseling to help a child heal
  • Childhood sexual abuse and eating disorders
  • Childhood Sexual abuse and self esteem issues
  • When is your child vulnerable to sexual abuse
  • Survivor /Victim first person stories
  • Sweeping it under the carpet, the Indian way of dealing with CSA in families
  • The role of schools in prevention of CSA.
  • Various ideas for creating awareness
  • Personal experiences of people who volunteer for CSAA organizations.
  • 10 must things to do to prevent.
  • 10 things to talk to your child about this issue.
  • 10 Dos and Dont’s when talking to the kids about this issue.
  • 10 useful websites, 10 documentaries to watch on the subject, books, articles, etc…