To Sum it up – 1

We have been overwhelmed by the response, touched by the response. So many stories, so many posts. Thank you for supporting us and caring enough for the cause. However owing to this its becoming impossible for us to track each post and cross post it here, so apart from the pre scheduled posts we will be doing two digests a day trying to sum up and link the posts done.

Thanks Again


Indians are the most hypocritical when it comes to things like these. Outside every one talks about values and cultures but internally most of them are no short of immoral beasts. I don’t know what Indian culture they talk about.

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Its a bad thing and NO! it doesn’t happen only to girls. Boys are equal targets too. I’ve always tried to keep my blog chirpy and light, not because I want it that  way, but because I always shied away from writing about serious stuff. But not this time. As a parent I have to go that extra mile to ensure that my boy gets a good childhood and grows up to be a sensible adult.

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Coming back to Raising a Rude Child. I wish we would never equate hugging or kissing a grownup as good manners. I am not saying that children (and we as grown ups) should not be physically demonstrative, but I am a firm believer that when we are small we do have some kind of in-built radar. somehow we kill those instincts in children by forcing them to give that hug when they dont want to.I t is damn confusing for children too, yes right now this uncleji or aunty ji is not  a predator but how do you know the next one esp. when you are not in the room is not?!

This and some more excellent points is what Aneela raises in her post