We Know and We Care

Child sexual abuse happens more often than one would like to believe. It was very inspiring to read about the stories of the survivors of sexual abuse. It was indeed brave of them to come out with their story and thereby warning others. It is a welcome change from the situation where parents pretended that nothing had happened and hushed up the child who tried to convey that all was not well with him/her. I don’t blame parents. Society is harsh on the victims of child abuse and would not think twice before blaming an innocent child rather than the abuser. It was perhaps considered advisable to remain quiet instead of confronting the abuser and watch the world malign one’s little one. My own daughters have reported cases of having been molested by some sicko on their way back from school by bicycle. That was nearly 22 years back. It was a lonely road that these girls took to avoid traffic and practically everyone among them had been molested at some point of time. It was not unusual for some among them to pedal harder and move on while others would follow. The one who lagged behind or rode fast would be targeted. As a mother I ought to have informed the DSP (traffic) and got him to post a few men in the area to keep an eye on these young girls who passed by and see to it that they safely crossed the place. I could have approached the school authorities and asked them to do their bit. No, all I did was to advise them to take the main road and stick together. Better safe than sorry – I said. I am also guilty of never having discussed the issue with other parents. Somehow we like to believe that things are not as bad as they seem. Whenever I cross the area I wonder if some other little girl was being troubled by another sick character but I must admit that till date I’ve done nothing to ensure that it does not happen. The effort that is on to create awareness about child sex abuse has been an eye opener and although my daughters are married it could be someone’s daughter or even my own granddaughters who are at risk – somewhere/sometime. I have pledged that I will bring it up as often as possible while talking to my students, colleagues and neighbors and impress upon them the importance of standing up for our children and telling the world that –we know and we care.

-Someone who cares