To Sum it up – 3

Sheetal pulled at her uncle’s hand as she watched her favorite cartoon channel. He was sitting on the bed, a few feet away from the TV, and holding her as she stood between his legs, swinging from side to side, and holding his hands and knees for support. All of 5 years, her eyes were transfixed on the screen as she watched keenly the antics of Tom and Jerry, her favorite characters.

Shikha begins with a chilling story. If only these stories did nt happen in real life…

What IS sexual abuse of a male child?
Same as a female child – any unnecessary and unacceptable touch / conversation around the private parts / sexual prowess of a young child. This starts right at birth – all aunties looking at and commenting on the “size” of a little infant boy – all in jest, of course. The nanny touching his private parts just a little bit longer than necessary… As male children grow, they are under increased threat, not just from aunties and maids, but also from other, older boys (or boys of the same age). Unlike females, privacy in a male washroom is minimal and allows for “peeking” and “comparing”. There are other “games” that all male children may not enjoy, but are forced into.

A very informative post by How Do We Know on CSA for boys. A must read!

As a parent, especially before children are old enough to tell you what they experience, make sure never to leave them alone in a room with a not-well known person, even if you are in the next room at the time. I could go on and on on this subject, but these precautions are definitely a start.

Aparna spreads the word about CSAAM and adds a few points on how to prevent CSA.

CSAAM Team would like to thank all of you for the informative posts.