What Makes from an abuser from Womens Web

it is time to ask what makes for an abuser. After all, no young victim can control the abuse, but every perpetrator knows fully what he is doing (and I use ‘he’ here, not because women never abuse, but because the majority of perps are male, which should also make us think why). There is evidence that shows that at least some abusers have themselves been abused as children; however, other studies claim that the majority of abused children do not themselves become abusers.

Whatever the exact percentage may be, it is important to note that it is not childhood abuse alone that is a predictor; instead, one thing that many studies point out consistently is the presence of violence in the abuser’s childhood. In other words, it is not necessary that someone should be ‘sexually’ abused for them to carry on the cycle. Children exposed to and suffering a lot of violence at home or in the immediate environment (and this can include emotional violence too) are more likely to violate the dignity of other children as they turn adults.

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