To Sum it up – 4.

As children, we should learn to tell our parents about anything that doesn’t seem as normal as we’d think. I think parents should strive to develop a rapport with their children so that their children can confide in them. These monsters lurk at the most unsuspecting of places, and care zilch about how a child might be affected.

Turbulent Mind shares her story and how supportive her parents are.

My point is, even children understand that some things are acceptable and some things are not. But that understanding comes with age. The initial few years are extremely vulnerable. You don’t have to be a parent to understand that. Look out for all children, not just your own. Be vigilant and alert. Every child is precious. Do all you can to keep them safe. Once the child reaches a certain age, they learn to defend their bodies, at least by asking for help or speaking up. For that, we need to cultivate an environment that encourages open talk. Sexuality should not be treated as a taboo.

Pepper shares her traumatic story and writes a few pointers to keep our kids safe.

Teach her to say No and to stand up for herself. For someone who forever has to deal with people pulling her cheeks, she has nows learned to turn around and say loudly don’t touch my cheeks. I have told her to scream loudly if anybody gets too close and tries to touch her. Honoring her No is very important. It starts with saying no to trivial things and when you acknowledge it, they know its for real. Yes, children test their parents.