To Sum It Up – 6

It would be a lie if I say I haven’t come across any molesters . It is impossible to grow up in this world with out confronting any . It is flooded with them and you cannot eradicate it . Not in the near future . It is all about bringing up kids with the courage to stand up to it .

I just could not get this out of my system nor could I tell this to anyone.  It left me in a state of shock which I am yet to come out from.  It takes my everything to come out about it and put it in words in a way that it makes sense to me and to the readers, that is the least to say about its impact.
It was the year 2006. We were at Jodhpur then.I had gone to a Watch shop to get the strap of my watch replaced. While the shopkeeper was doing the needful, I was looking around idly. 

Just then a 10-12 year old girl in a school uniform walked in with a 25-26 year old man. This man had his arm around her and was holding her too close. What I found very disturbing, as soon as I saw this man was the sly smile which was plastered all over his face.