To Sum It Up – 7

I am born and lived so many years in Kerala, which is 100% literate state of India. The state is well known for its people’s responsiveness and awareness about social issues as well.  For last few months news channels and  e-papers throwing up bunches of shocking news related to children being sexually harassed- the most recent issues are – LKG student being ‘used by’ auto driver while returning from school, 20 school going girls being sexually used by head master of the same school..etc etc..! It is shocking….it is shocking to realize that a mom can’t sit peacefully at home/office until her daughter/son gets back home all safe and that’s too in the ‘well educated’ state of India. So what would be the condition in other states and villages?

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I leave my daughter at a daycare.

There are 40 other kids there ranging from 1 year to 10 years. There are loads of ayahs and four teachers apart from the other helper guys who come and do odd jobs here.

When you leave your child at a daycare, the questions of her safety, physically, emotionally and sexually always run through your mind.

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So far, in the CSAAM campaign, I’ve learned a lot and become more aware, even though I thought I already knew a lot. I’ve also had a lot of new quandaries, doubts and downright objections pop up in my mind, because I think all this is about fine lines.

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