To Sum It Up – 8

Child sexual abuse is one of those,which goes un noticed,but daunt the victim.The issue is many parents are not conscious of this and many close their eyes as this will not happen to their child and the few concerned also do not give the strength and courage to face this abuse,only a few parents are ready for this.

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Parenting needs no license. More is the pity. That is the thought that passed through my mind as I struggled to hide the shock and dismay I felt listening to the lady who sat across me.

She had just told me very matter-of-factly that her five year old daughter begged not to be left alone at home with the orderly when she and husband attended the ‘children not allowed’ parties in the Officers’ Mess. Apparently they totally disregarded her entreaties and continued leaving her with the very person she objected to being left alone with.

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It took a while to understand that I wasn’t wrong in any of the above incidents and I have to speak up. Well, I was a teenager when I understood and it was learning the hard way. I had my own share of guilt, fear, fury and everything but I am glad that I dealt with all of it pretty well and am sane today.

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