How Soon is too soon by Suburban Mumma

I often wonder if I did the right thing by starting to talk to my daughter about ‘touch’ so early. She was a little over two and a very very friendly child,who would freely give hugs and kisses to anyone who asked,as long as it was a person,who was talking to us or someone who met us often.We were getting ready to go to India and I started to freak out.For one,if would be my first visit with her alone and no SD to watch over her,if I was busy. We were going to attend two weddings in the family..And the last thing I needed was her going off with someone and me spending the next couple minutes worrying and fussing.So,I told her,gently.. No going away with anyone,when Mumma is busy.I didn’t know how to explain the concept of strangers to a two year old.During the weddings,between my sister and I,we made sure,she wasn’t alone with anyone without us being present. That and the fact that she had only been with me,made her stay close to me.I was more than happy.

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