Kids React 1

So we have been getting a lot of survivor stories sad depressing tales which scare us but are realities of CSA. We have been getting a lot of suggestions from experts on how to teach your child about Good Touch/Bad touch. lot of parents sharing their experiences and thoughts but still loads of us have a nagging thought in the back of our minds.

Does this work? Will the kids be able to react. So we have decided to run a section called KidsReact. We will feature kids who reacted when they should have. If u have a funny story of your kid when he was reacting on what you taught him or God forbid a real experience which was saved because you taught him. Please send it to us and we will love to feature it here

Today we hear from what our lovely little brat Krish did when he was around 4 years


Mamma in the kitchen making a cup of tea for Nana who has dropped by casually. The brat announces he needs to go potty, and undresses himself, and perches himself on the commode. Mamma yells that he is to call for her when he has done the deed.

After around five minutes, blood curdling scream. Mamma drops strainer and cup like a dog bit her in her ample butt and runs as fast as she can to source of said scream, hands and feet all atremble.

To witness a flustered Nana, holding a mug of water, trying to wash a very affronted and irate brat’s butt. One must add here, that the Nana is of the old school of bum washing, and doesn’t believe in faucets and jet sprays and such like installed in said commode.

Mamma: What happened Krish, why did you scream so loudly?

Brat: Mamma, shout at Nana.

Mamma, confused, perplexed: But why should I shout at Nana? What did she do?

Brat, with the self righteous air of one who has followed strict instructions to a tee and is expecting at least a chocolate, if not an entire shopload of Kitkats for the same: She touched my bum. I shouted loudly. You told me to shout loudly if anyone touch my bum and nun u. So I shouted loudly. Now you shout at nana.

Mamma doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At least she knows that’s one lesson that has been imbibed.

And Nana hands me the mug, and goes sits down on the bed with air of absolute disgust and resignation.

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