To Sum It Up – 10

I believe a kid should be educated about his body and should be told about what is acceptable and what is not but I am not yet sure how much is appropriate at what age. I do not want my child to be scared about every around him. I don’t want to get paranoid and raise paranoid kids. However I do need to do something since I have realized that it is must.

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I shall refrain from saying anything about the abuse per se, only because its not important. Consider me saying, “been there, done that” and I would not wish it even on an abuser’s child. Only to answer those who still doubt whether its all a big noise, I would like to tell you that I had the misfortune of having encountered two abusers over a sustained period of time before I was 10 and I know it started sometime when I was 4. Also consider many of the items on the checklist ticked – the abusers were known members of the family, it was a well-kept secret, the abuse continued with other children in the family and when shared with some elder cousins, was scoffed off as our imagination. Nightmares and a few other long term impacts do keep me company. I hope you do not brush past the blogs and tweets like its another “cause”. It happens, close to us, and it leaves a scar that one takes a lifetime to deal with

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I was going to the Tampines library. I found a school girl, maybe around 14-15 years old, in the arms of a man, and it looked like he was trying to console her. He was leaning against the library wall, and moving his hands on her behind, one hand in her hair, and he was speaking to her, as if he would be taking care of her. It was so obvious.. that he was trying to trap her using whims and so-called “I know baby, nobody cares for you. I do, do you believe me? I care for you” nonsense.

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