Working Mum’s View on CSA By Sairee

Yes, all mums work but I am talking about one’s who do within organization’s structures, corporate glass houses and their own enterprises. One’s who necessarily have a time away from the child – simply put.

Every mom who has stepped out of the house leaving a child behind has thought about it – the well being and care of the child is top of the mind and whether one articulates or not – the safety of child is always something mums worry about.

Some of us articulate or acknowledge the child abuse factor clearly and some don’t – however this thought has crossed every mom’s mind who leaves a child behind. Some take it up actively and many don’t.

Most fathers assume that this is not their area of concern, however like everywhere exceptions do exist.

I know CSA scares the hell out of most mums, including me – just hearing survivor stories and imagining the situation makes me want to weep and one can’t begin to imagine the horror of that being inflicted on a child – one protects with dear life.

Like in many parenting aspects, the only real things we can do are enhance awareness and minimize risk.

  • Reference check all domestic staff
  • Random checks (all the time)
  • Communication lines always open – call me anytime and about anything – you are always on priority – even if I am busy, I will take the call and call you back asap.
  • Not restrictions from speaking up about anything – no taboos
  • It is okay to take child with you – if safety at home is not convincing. Everyone was a kid once and many people have kids – it is our job to create a world suited for them and not theirs to be excluded from ours.
  • Boundaries – something’s are non negotiable – I think kids learn and pick up what they see and not what they are told and this one works only if there see it in practice.

As a working mom I always find having a houseful of kids maybe a recipe for a mess but the best safety device for children – together they eat well, play, learn and hang out and often a deterrent to any abuser lurking. Like a colleague said, safety in numbers.

After all have faith in God but lock your car.

Sairee Chahal is Co-Founder, Fleximoms. Fleximoms works towards creating, enhancing and co-creating workflex opportunities for women professionals. It also helps organizations harness flexibility as a value driver. Co-founder, SAITA Consulting Pvt. Ltd, a management consulting firm focussed on SMBs, member of the CII Committee on MSMEs, a visiting faculty at IIFT, New Delhi and mother of a 4-year-old, Sairee is your regular Fleximom