In todays news : 5-yr-old dies as kin hush up rape

A five-year-old student of Class 1 was raped by her 19-year-old cousin. The family knew about it, but let the rapist off with a few slaps. Thus protecting the ‘family honour’, the parents sent her to school, where she complained of abdominal pain and died on Monday. The rapist was arrested only after the parents formally complained to the police, following the child’s death.

The girl’s mother, Sunita Giri, a resident of Ghaziabad, said the child was lured by her cousin, Om Pal Giri, to an isolated plot near her house. “When I went looking for her, I saw Om Pal sexually assaulting her. He ran away after I hurled a brick at him,” she said. The family elders reached a compromise and “slapped the man in front of our relatives and allowed him to leave”, said father Mangu Giri.

The girl’s condition deteriorated in school. “We took her to a local doctor. She died by the time we reached district hospital,” her father said.

Ghaziabad Police circle officer Kapil Dev Singh said the family didn’t inform the doctor about the rape. Mangu said, “We didn’t tell anybody as the matter was settled between the families.”

News posted from HT site

On days like this one feels there is no hope left for this world and you realise this is why awareness is even more important

What do u think should be done to these parents?