To Sum It Up – 13

Your anger and frustration at the world and life is understandable. But remember not to take it out on your children. The evils of the world your children may chance upon were not put there by them, but by your own generation. Don’t hold the children responsible for it. I have seen, still see, parents shouting at children because they themselves are scared, confused or angry about situations over which they don’t have control. The best thing, if shout you must, is to go look in the mirror and shout at your own self. Don’t alienate children over no fault of theirs.

This is what Shail says after ending a very hard hittinf 55-er on CSA

I refuse to leave my seven year old daughter with anyone alone.  The only three men I trust my daughter with are her father and two grandfathers. I do not send her to school by the school van or an auto by herself.  Everytime the cell phone shows an unidentified caller when the kid is at school, I panic.  When I give the kid her weekly oil bath, I involuntarily check her body for tell-tale signs. I wonder if she would be traumatized when I give her an oil massage – even if I AM her mother, am I allowed to touch her body ?

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Myth No. 1: If I teach my child about stranger-danger, that is enough to prevent them from getting sexually abused. After all, strangers are most likely to abuse our kids.

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