Child Sexual Abuse – A conspiracy of Silence by The Alternative

Sitting around my house, a friend Anna Mathews* recounted a childhood experience for us. It came quite out of nowhere. She told us of how her maternal uncle would place her on his lap and watch her eat mangoes. He’d do nothing or say nothing except insist that she not move. The adults were all about and didn’t seem to notice. Years later when she told her mother about it, it was dismissed as something she was giving too much attention to, influenced by English shows on television. Her mother asked her why she hadn’t mentioned anything about it for years. She was completely sure that since there were so many adults around, somebody was bound to have noticed and taken action. Anna’s sudden disclosure was followed by a brief, uncomfortable silence broken by laughter when somebody offered her a banana. I bring up the incident to illustrate how much of what we believe about Child Sexual Abuse is far removed from the truth.

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