To Sum It Up – 14

Child Sexual Abuse is usually swept under the carpet as something too dirty to talk about. The result? Many, many people (myself included) who go through their childhood believing whatever happened to them was their fault.

With absolutely no text, and very few images, this graphic novel by Pratheek Thomas and Rajiv Eipe tells the story of a girl in a seemingly normal urban family, which really isn’t normal at all. While I am not going to divulge the details of the story, suffice to say that the book makes a strong impression. A couple of things stood out for me.

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I’ve gone through a whole lot of survivor stories narrated by those who have been sexually abused as children. While it has angered and agonized me that despite of so much abuse taking place one we still like to believe that it happens to others, I also realize that the first step one can take to check it would be to start talking about it. The following are some inferences I’ve drawn from the discussions going on. I am no expert but that does not stop me from putting my thoughts down for others to think and ponder about.

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