Kids React – 2

By shouting on top of our voice… not that we dont do that often. But this time was it really loud, ear piercing screams…. Mumma was taking bath, dada gone to office and dadi had been called by the neighbors next door for minute. And in that one minute the prince of the house got potty yeah the big job always comes at the wrong time…

The current maid went to the bathroom to clean him, removed his undie (yeah he is still not fully potty trained dont rub it in) placed him on the pot to clean… sprayed some water and it started, it was so loud that mumma in the other bathroom got scared…. finished her bath as soon as she could and ran to see what happened, the heart still pounding… dadi ran from the neighbors house yes yes it was so loud… and by the time we both reached there we could see the bathroom practically full of shit because ojas was trying to wash himself and the maid trying to request him to let her clean and as a result him shouting

Though we spent an hour cleaning the bathroom and we still laugh on it…. mumma she couldnt have been happier as when asked why were u shouting u told me

“mumma u told me no, only you, dada, dadi, nani and massi can touch my susu place and bummy for cleaning. So told her don’t touch me. she didnt listen to me so I shouted”

Written by Monika Cross posted from here