To Sum It Up – 17

I remember clearly meeting the very shy son of a colleague, only to learn much later that he had been abused by the house help. Another time a friend told me how she had been repeatedly abused by a relative, and of how she always felt she had somehow been responsible for the incidents. I know these incidents will change the way a person perceives himself/herself, their self esteem as well as their sexuality. This is an unfair and completely horrible reality of our lives. Are there ways to stop this? To recognise it when it happens?To heal a child who has been victimised? All these are issues being dealt by associating with NGOs like Arpan, Enfold, Rahi and Tulir, web portals like, and South Asian Parent. Also participating intensively this month are blogspots like Blogadda, where people can share their experiences and hopefully come to a better place when dealing with this very huge issue. I fully support this very timely initiative, and encourage all forward thinking individuals to come share their knowledge, experiences and suggestions with everyone else.

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Paedophilia or sexual abuse of children—a parent’s worst nightmare— is hardly something unknown. The mental disorder that drives adults or almost-adults to sexual abuse of pre-pubescent children has existed throughout recorded history of humankind. However, even more horrifying than the vile acts of paedophiles, is the fact that in an unbelievably large number of cases of child sexual abuse (CSA), the victims’ family members, whose responsibility it supposedly is to safeguard them, either choose to look the other way, as though wishing away the unpalatable truth, or else, sweep it under the carpet out of considerations of ‘family’ or ‘honour’

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They came with their parents,her paternal uncle and aunt and she noticed how tall and awkward her cousins looked.”Look at you !Oh my God I wouldn’t recognize  you if I saw you on the road.You look beautiful young lady ,not like  a kid anymore!”-Her aunt exclaimed and hugged her tight.The younger cousins ran down to play with her kid brother and the eldest ,all of twenty,got busy shifting the luggage.

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