Boys Don’t Cry by The Alternative

An 18-year-old boy, having been a victim of repeated abuse since childhood by his own mother, stands at the crossroads of life. Aman* is unable to articulate his sexuality or his sexual feelings. His mother is the only family he has had during most of his growing years, having lost his father and brother when young. A mother who bathed him, and some more, for as long as he can remember. Today, Aman is sexually drawn to his mother.

Aman’s case may be unconventional and exceptional, given that reported cases of women as abusers is a minority, and mothers even lesser, but the abuse he has undergone isn’t new. In the patriarchal setup we live in, male child sex abuse remains hidden and disbelieved. The reality is stark.

Read the full post written by Deepa for The Alternative where they discuss the CSA on boys