To Sum It Up – 19

I just want to list a few things that happen in the Gulf, amongst Indian and Asian expatriates. Risky and negligent behaviour by parents, who think this is a safe place. Safe equals you will not be killed or robbed because murderers and robbers fear losing their limbs or worse.

1. A large number of Asian families share their apartments with strangers. Very rarely do two families share an apartment, as sharing a kitchen becomes an issue of contention. So it would be a family of 4 or 5, sharing their apartment with 1 or 2 bachelors (there aren’t many bachelorettes around).

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The blog not only brings forth CSA survivor stories, but also has a vast accumulation of tips and strategies from various experts for parents to protect their children, and resources for victims to learn to cope with their unfortunate past. Ignoring Pati’s protests, I’ve been reading the blog and making myself feel hopeless about our world everyday. Perhaps it’s the pessimist in me talking but when I see people commenting on that blog (including me), I wonder if these same people would ever raise a voice against someone they trust, love, and are convinced that s/he can do no wrong. Maybe they would if the perpetrator was hurting their own child, but if the perpetrator had hurt someone else’s child – someone they didn’t know – would they abandon this trusted and loved individual? Would they at least entertain the ‘rumor’ that they might’ve heard about the perpetrator  and try to investigate it? Sadly, the pessimist in me says that they wouldn’t.

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As a parent I know that if something happened to my child, I would want them to tell me.  I would want to help them in anyway possible.  I am sure most parents feel the same way.  However, children are often to tell because they are scared of getting in trouble, being treated differently, etc.  But far too often when a child does work up the courage to open her mouth, she is not taken seriously and we don’t take action.  Or sometimes, we may make matters worse and confirm the child’s fears, simply because we do not know how to handle the situation.  Something needs to change…

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