To Sum It Up – 20

I do not have any story to tell, neither do I have any concrete tips to give for the subject, but I believe every parent can help their kids from child sexual abuse by trusting them and their instincts, talking to them, and listening to them. We often hear of incidents where an adult recalls it had happened to him/her during childhood. So it is very important for a kid to confide in their parents, and tell them of any such behavior that affected them immediately. It is the responsibility of the parents to educate them on how to tell a good touch from a bad touch, and to encourage them to speak about it. Never should they dismiss anything the child reports even if it involves the people you trust the most. It may sound trivial to you, but it is not so for the poor kid, the damage is such and the scars remain forever. The mom especially should understand, and be a confidante.

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Awareness is key to most things in life. If I had the awareness I would have been a lot braver and stronger in responding to those specific incidents of abuse that I went through. I stayed mum for a very long time and didn’t share details with anyone, but when I did bolster up the courage and spoke up – I was shushed . Similar stories of abuse were shared and  my experiences were made to seem ‘normal’ and kinda gave a feeling that it’s common. Somehow, the feelings shared was, its not a big deal! I was hurt, but I learnt to move on. It wasn’t right, but there was no point clinging onto it. Those memories can’t be erased, but important lessons were learnt for the future.

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* Be aware. Don’t take CSA lightly. Don’t trust blindly. Please talk to your children about what is safe and what is not. Make sure you make the other parents around you aware of CSA.
* As children who grew up in India, most of us have endured, the groping, staring, flashed, pinched, spanked while in buses,bicycles, streets, etc. They do have an impact in a child’s life, but that is nothing compared to being abused by a trusted friend, uncle, parent, grandparent etc.
* Public sexual abuse – it is easier for a parent to take actions. It can be prevented or handled by escorting the kids, talking to them about public safety, empowering them to be vocal about it when they are being abused in public and also equip them with pepper spray, safety pins and the likes. (As much as it sounds harsh, believe me when I say, safety pins work like a magic in public space.) I say it is easier to handle because it is easier for a human being to attack a stranger much easily than a known devil. Take blogging for example. How many of us are taunted by anonymous trolls?

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