CSA Survivor Story – 43.

Hi i was asked through twitter to share my story so here goes. Well im 23 years old now and I was molested by two family members between the age of 10 and 13. The first time was my uncle. I was in the room with him watching tv. I thought there was nothing wrong with that. Then he asked me to lay down in front of him to be comfortable. Again i didnt think anything of it. So i laid down next to him and then he began to touch me and started kissing me. I was really scared and didnt know what to do. It went on for a few weeks. After a while I had told my mother but she didnt want to believe it. So it made me feel like I was lying. I cant remember how long after that time when i got molested the second time. This time it was my stepdad. The thing is that he had a record of molesting his exes daughters before but still my mom married him. Anyway when he molested me my mom was in vacation in florida visiting my sister who also accused him for molesting her also. But again my mother didnt believe her. I was watching television with him also and was sitting on the couch. Then he came up to me and started kissing on my neck and made it to My lips. Again i was scared. He kept on for a while. Then one day i was coming out my room and he grabbed me and pinned me against the wall and put his body close to mine and began moving his body back and forth. I was terrified. I felt so disgusted. Til this day no one know about that abuse. So i found a few groups where i get support and share my story with other women who i can relate to. I’m still in THE process of healing but I know I will get there. Thank you for allowing me to share.