To Sum It Up – 21

We all need to talk about CSA more. Not talking about it openly sends a message to our kids that it is something shameful if you are a victim of it. We need to place the shame where it belongs – on the abuser. We need to create an environment in our homes that will encourage our kids to come talk to us instead of wallowing in shame or hurt. Almost always, abusers get away with their deeds just because the victims stay quiet out of shame or confusion. If we remove the barrier to the victims’ free speech, it will take away the cloak of security from the abuser. THAT is what will empower the children.

As a kid I have been completely impervious and fortunately away from such monstrosity!! These people who dare do such acts of depravity are not human beings. Even animals do not stoop down to such levels. So there is no place in the living world for such creatures!

Unfortunately I am not as tolerant and I can’t turn a blind eye to this. So I often argue with yaadayaada that she should confront the person who dared to abuse her! But I respect her decision and her argument that it should be the abuser who should be ashamed and feel bad about it.

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She was about 14 years old then. It was a hot summer day. Her school was closed that day to allow the students to prepare for the fast approaching annual exams. She was a straight A student. She wanted to stay home and prepare for her exams. But her mother and father were not convinced that she could stay home all alone for an entire day. Both of them had to go to work and her younger sister had to go to school. Her parents have been arguing all morning (nothing new there because they argue all the time) about leaving her alone at home.