To Sum It Up – 22

October 19th 2006 – a day when hubby and I were entrusted with a little bundle of responsibility by the Lord Almighty, and then right there I had made a pledge. I had in my arms, a little baby that was born in this world in which molesters and paedophiles lurk around everywhere and no path is ever safe.
I don’t know why some people like to imagine that it does not exist, and that all is hunky-dory with this world. OPEN YOUR EYES, I want to scream. I want to shake such people awake to the gruesome crimes that are happening all around us, and turning a blind eye to it does not mean that all is well.
It is hard to know that India emerge as the “hub of child sex abuse”, in order to protect child from such abuse the Supreme Court ordered the government to deal sternly with criminals and recommended a separate police wing to deal with Child Sexual Abuse. The court also advised the government to seek the help of NGOs in tackling the problem of Child Sexual Abuse. Here is a bloghelping people to understand about CSA and how to tackle it.

While we cannot be with our children, throughout their life, we need to teach them to dress well, protect themselves from getting into unwanted situations and more than that, to scream and shout and call for help. Theres nothing to be embarrassed by the scream, in cases of need.

Even though the Awareness Month has come to an end, this topic cannot rest.  Let the survivors come out and talk and heal their inner souls.  Let this be a beginning to an Awareness drive for those women and children, who need a helping hand.

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