To Sum It Up – 23

I understood the feelings of shame and disgust I felt, but didn’t feel close enough to my parents to tell them. Probably because I understood that if I ‘told on’ these men, the repercussions would be severe, and I didn’t know whether my parents or I could deal with them. After all, it was about calling out the true nature of these men that my parents loved/trusted. How could I do that to them? I guess, I did not trust my parents with the maturity to deal with it. Or maybe I was scared of what their reactions would be.

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For four weeks, the girls and I have sifted through CSA survivor accounts, discussed legalities we never knew before, cried over accounts that touched hidden pains and taken heart from ones that showed the way forward. For four weeks we have stayed up nights and woken up early to mediate comments, schedule posts, track down blogpost by other bloggers, conduct TwitChats and exchange information withNGOs and other organisations. Four weeks of putting our lives on hold (most of the time), putting our families second, explaining to husbands what we are doing — and more importantly, what motivates us. We have received unexpected media support as well as support from many more people than we ever hoped for.

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And with this we conclude our cross postings for the month. Thank you each and everyone of you for contributing to the intiative. Its together we have made it happen and if by mistake we have missed linking to your posts please forgive us we tried our best to keep track of everything that came in


The CSAAM Team