To Sum It up – April 2

Wake-up parents, wake-up

But one thing which I strongly feel that has a connection either directly or indirectly to the above stated points is Sex Education and Sexual Awareness among children. It is definitely the need of the hour especially at today’s time where films and characters have a direct influence on what he says, does, wants and behave. And in this it is the parent who is caught between the devil and the deep-sea. The parent cannot always refuse the child and cannot always agree to what he says, does wants and behave.

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Damn him!

Now, things make sense. I can comprehend his questions and intentions. I am sad, that I did not tell my parents then. But, I was really scared; of what? I don’t know. But, I am happy, that these incidents did not bear an impact on my innocent brain;to brand the whole male clan as sex-maniacs. I told Amma about the dirty man when I was in 15. She was extremely angry that I did not tell her at the right time.

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