Twitter Chat Schedule

As part of the CSA Month, we are bringing you a slew of survivors, counsellors and experts in the legal field who can answer all your queries regarding CSA and share their valuable insights gained after years of working in the field.

Do join us for these chats at the following times.

April 4th, Wednesday, 3 to 4 pm
Harish Iyer
CSA Survivor and Gay Rights activist.
Harish Iyer is an environmentalist, creative wizard, gay rights activist, MBA, animal rights activist, humanitarian and writer among other things at the same time. Harish will be part of our Survivor speak series.

April 5th, Thursday, 10 – 11am
Dilnavaz Bamboat, Therapist for Sexually Abused Children

Pediatric therapist and a  graduate from Syracuse University, New York. Her work experience includes mental health therapy and clinical supervision in early childhood programs in Pennsylvania and Massachussetts, U.S.A. Dilnavaz will chat with us on “How should you handle a child disclosing CSA and why your reactions matter.”

April 6, Friday, 12 to 1pm
Anuja Gupta-Founder, RAHI
Anuja will discuss ‘Working with Incest and CSA victims’, the issues the victims face and how they need to be hand held through being victims to being survivors.

April 10, Tuesday, 12 to 1
Anindita Mishra, Cybermum, McAfee India
Anindita will discuss ‘How to keep your children safe online.’
Anindita Mishra is a McAfee appointed ‘Cybermum’- an evangelist of online child safety issues. The Pune-based teacher and mother of two has always been a vocal advocate for issues tied to children’s welfare and development. Today, leveraging the Cybermum platform, Anindita makes a concerted effort to engage with concerned parents and educate them on precautions and steps they should take in order to protect their kids in cyberspace. On the online medium, Anindita connects with concerned parents through her blog, twitter and Facebook profiles. She has also conducted informative sessions in association with Rotary Club for school kids. The Cybermum initiative was launched in India after its success in US and Australia where thousands of kids, teens and parents have been educated by McAfee.