To Sum It up – April 3

The Bitter Pill

It was a minor incident from 9 years ago. It had barely lasted 30 seconds. But it stays on in memory.. Provoking questions, giving insights.

She had been all of 17 and her immediate challenge in life was to coax her aching right hand to finish writing some 30 pages of record work. With TV for company, she sat poring over books that afternoon, in her favorite pink satin night-gown that smoothly clung to her slim figure.

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Child Sex Abuse Awareness Month

They said “Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on me.

There are no greater fools than us who implicitly trust the nature of  fellow people to see all children without lust filled thoughts. The idea that somebody, anybody could think of doing or actually doing sexual acts on a child is so revolting that we would rather deny that it happens than acknowledge the fact that it actually does.

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