Age, Sex, Consent by AamJanata

Recently, Brazil went on a spree for cleaning its reputation for sex tourism as a prelude to being spanking clean for the 2014 World Cup. In 2011, their government identified 2,169 websites with women in sensual poses or promoting sex with children and demanded a clean up. about 1,100 or so have cleaned up their act so far, and more are expected to. What I found worrisome is that the government seemed to find sex with adults and sex with children about the same. The reason why selling sex with children is because they are considered incapable of making these choices and their exploitation is assumed – which is the case with most children engaging in commercial sex. Equating it with an adult woman making her choices is an insult to both. An adult woman’s rights to decide for herself need to be respected, just as it is important to prevent exploitation of children. They are entirely different things.

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