CSA Awareness Month April 2012 – Grey Areas by The Blue bride

I’m late doing this because frankly after seeing the prelaunch teaser on a blog, I never saw anything else, until a real life event jolted me into searching for a link.

And here it is, the CSA Awareness Month initiative, is back this year with… Okay, I’m still going through the site so I can’t say exactly what’s on it, but go check it out yourself.

And the reason I think all of us parents need to educate ourselves on this topic is that it’s more common than we think. If the testimonies and sharing from last year’s initiative weren’t enough, a chat I had with a friend galvanized me.

There is a scandal brewing in a friend’s building in Mumbai because it was discovered that two boys, aged 8 or 9, had been asking the other children to pull down their pants and touching their private parts. The first reaction of the parents, after they got over the shock of this happening to their children, seemed to be to divide the children into aggressor and victim, the ones who “did it” and the ones “to whom it was done”. Two boys were identified as the main instigators and among them, one who was more rowdy and generally disliked, as more “to blame” while the other it was surmised had been initiated into “all this” by the more rowdy kid.

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