CSAAM 2013 – Tweets from the chat with Svati Bhatkal.

Q . @content_rules : To start with, Svati, could you tell us why the SMJ team took up CSA as one of the topics for the show. #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness It’s a widespread and unspoken, devastating phenomenon with serious consequences #CSAAM

Q. @content_rules what were your key findings in the course of your research? #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness as we researched the subject we discovered statistics don’t even come close to revealing the reality #CSAAM

@CSAawareness There are survivors all around us. Most haven’t spoken out. Need help.    Culture of silence killing us. #CSAAM

Q.  @content_rules : Could you give us an idea about these statistics? #CSAA

 A. @CSAawareness Govt findings over 53% kids in India sexually abused. Many severely.     Include boys and girls. #CSAAM

Q. .@content_rules : What encourages this culture of silence? How can we do away with it? #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness Sexuality still taboo. Kids advised to ignore and forget. Adults don’t wish to confront. #CSAAM, Adults need to be worthy of being spoken to by children! They need to be trustable! Need a culture of conversation. #CSAAM

Q. @content_rules How under reported do you think this figure is? #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness no scientific analysis of stats. However, from feedback during SMJ research, we found CSA rampant. #CSAAM , Even some of my own team members shared the fact of being survivors of CSA themselves. The research process gave them courage.

Q. .@content_rules how difficult was it to convince survivors to appear on the show? #CSAAM


Q. @content_rules @CSAawareness How did the SMJ team get victims and families talking about a typically private social scourge? #CSAAM

A. @orangejammies @CSAawareness We built relationships over time. Slowly, survivors opened up. #CSAAM, Some survivors like @hiyer were outspoken from the word go! Harish is a warrior against CSA

Q. @content_rules how long did the episode take in the research process before it was put together, how many survivors did you contact? #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness Took over a year. Spoke first to counsellors, experts, NGOs l Rahi, Tulir, Arpan, Childline, Elaan #CSAAM, we contacted dozens of survivors all over India #CSAAM. all survivors were amazing. even those who didn’t want to come into public view. all battling to survive. salute. #CSAAM. Govt of Chattisgarh made CSA workshop mandatory for all schools. Workshops are underway. Great step! #CSAAM, Would be great if your team could help build easy to use material that guides caregivers on addressing this issue. #CSAAM

@content_rules Will share what we have, via email later. #CSAAM

Q. @content_rules @CSAawareness You received kudos, but did you get any backlash from certain societal quarters for airing this episode? #CSAAM

A. @orangejammies @CSAawareness No backlash at all! Got 19 lakh responses to episode across digital platforms. 100s of survivors wrote #CSAAM

Q. @content_rules what were the issues you feel you were unable to address through this episode? #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness Dealing with incest in greater depth. Counselling for child survivors. Helping perpetrators change, not just punishment #CSAAM

Q. @content_rules the workshop conducted by Aamir Khan with the children at the end of the episode, how was that received? #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness Workshop was downloaded by lots of people and used in homes, schools, housing societies. Mothers, teachers wrote to us #CSAAM. A few kids after seeing the workshop told their parents about the abuse they were facing. Workshop gave them vocal, awareness!

Q. @content_rules why do we not talk about CSA, what did your research show as the reasons? #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness Parents fight shy of discussing CSA with kids. Many families have an incest issue that’s brushed under the carpet. #CSAAM, Children need an enabling environment in which they will be believed and the vocabulary to speak out. #CSAAM, Kids have to be made aware, not afraid. #CSAAM, Schools must not confuse personal safety workshops with sexuality education. This confusion prevents awareness reaching kids. Survivors who wrote to us after the show, many above 50 said they were sharing the fact of their abuse for the first time!

Q. @content_rules Are you planning another episode on CSA in the next season? #CSAAM @CSAawareness


Q. @content_rules @CSAawareness It is the only solution to check the menace. Spread it in every school of India. Child abuse must be stopped.

A. @outburstindia @CSAawareness I agree. Caregivers can approach schools with such a request. Govts can make workshops mandatory in schools

Q. @content_rules one criticism is that you did not mention that parents could be abusers, was that intentional? #CSAAM

A. @CSAawareness There was no intent to shield any category of people. #CSAAM, More power to all initiatives fighting CSA. Thank you for having me on this chat. Let’s celebrate and honor survival! #CSAAM

Q. @content_rules how would you suggest parents keep the line of communication open? @CSAawareness

A. @sunayanaroy @CSAawareness Have general conversations every day. Keep line of communication open&easy! Adults, believe, don’t judge

  • @CSAawareness http://www.tulir.org  & http://arpan.org.in  & http://thefoundation.in  have a detailed list of warning signs & tips. #CSAAM
  • With that, we wind up an informative chat with Svati Bhatkal @content_rules from the Satyamev Jayate team on their CSA episode #CSAAM
  • @content_rules thank you so much for taking time out for this, and we look forward to more episodes from SMJ. #CSAAM
  • @content_rules Thanks Svati, that was a very helpful conversation. Also, thank you for the CSA episode last year. @CSAawareness #CSAAM