“Impact of Therapy CSA story 1” by Arpan.

Family background: I am Neha and come from a middle-class family of 6. My mother is a house wife; while my father was always busy fulfilling the financial needs of the family.

Incident: When I was 7 years old, an elder cousin brother came to live with us as a guest, for 2 months, till he found a job. Under the pretext of helping me with my studies, he would touch me in a way that would make me feel uncomfortable. I did not tell anyone as I did not understand what was happening.

My silence gave him the strength to continue abusing me; till one day he raped me.

After each instance of abuse, he would ask me to clean the place. If I would refuse to fulfill his demands he would threaten me saying that he would tell my family that I was a bad child who didn’t listen to her elders.

Since I grew up thinking that my family would only believe him and not me, I never told anyone about what he did to me.

Immediate Impact: I eventually started stammering and would always keep on cleaning the house. My academic performance was badly affected and I soon became an introvert.

Long term Impact: I am married and I have 2 children; but I experienced problems in maintaining sexual relationship. Soon cleaning and washing became ways of venting out my frustration and my children started feeling neglected.

Rescue: An awareness session on child sexual abuse (CSA) was held at the school my children attend, and the parents were asked to be present as well. It was at that session that I recognised the signs and symptoms of CSA that were affecting my life. After the session, I spoke to the trainer conducting it, who assisted me in seeking help by introducing me to the psychotherapist.

Impact: The decision to go in for psychotherapy has been one of the most important in my life. Now I understand what kind of damage it would have done to me had I not gone for therapy. I have gradually reached a stage where I have no inhibitions related to my past. Whenever I get a chance, I make people aware of the consequences of CSA and how going for therapy can actually help them to live a better life.

( Arpan is a registered organization based in Mumbai with a mission to Prevent the occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse and heal those who have been affected by it.
With passion and conviction and a trained team of dedicated professionals; clinical and counselling psychologists Arpan began working on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in year 2006. Today Arpan works in a focused manner only on CSA. We are thankful for their continued support in this initiative. (Need to source logo)

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