‘Why are our children not safe at school?’ by Kiran Manral

Most parents choose to play down an incident of sexual abuse even if it does come to their notice, fearing that their child would be impacted negatively from the reactions of those around them. Some choose not to complain but simply take the child out from the school and take admission elsewhere. This leads to more children becoming victims, and the perpetrator getting emboldened because he doesn’t get caught out.

In a country where there are no regulations guiding the opening of playschools and day care centres, these have mushroomed with some operating out of hole in wall set ups with untrained staff, staff employed with no background checks, and no safety measures in place to ensure that children in their care are not vulnerable to abuse. As a country, we need clear guidelines in place for playschools and day care centres, with mandatory checks in place to ensure basic levels of supervision.

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