CSAAM 2013 – Tweets from the chat with Cybermum on Online Safety.

Q. Good morning, @McAfee_cybermum. Thank you for joining us today to discuss how we can keep our kids safe online. #CSAAM

A. @csaawareness Good morning. Its my pleasure to be part of this CSA awareness campaign and help create awareness about

Q. Why is it important for parents to be aware of online predators, how can they reach the children? @McAfee_cybermum #CSAAM

A. @csaawareness With the advent of Internet & the prolific no of devices available today, the predator is at home actually #CSAAM, They reach out to kids through networking sites/gaming sites/chat rooms and even e-mails #CSAAM

Q. @McAfee_cybermum As a parent, how does one monitor one’s child’s interactions online? #CSAAM

A. There are several things a parent must do: (1) educate kids on cyber safety first (2) Set up rules on computer usage @csaawareness #CSAAM, (3) Follow “stranger-danger” policy in cyberworld(4) Desist kids from joining chatrooms (4) Use family protection s/w for all devices #CSAAM

Q. Is it possible to monitor a child’s interaction online? @McAfee_cybermum #CSAAM

A. To a great extent! First clarify to the child that U aren’t spying but ensuring their safety online. @csaawareness #CSAAM. Use filters & child safe browsers.If kids have their own internet-enabled devices ensure these have security s/w & parental control #CSAAM

Q. @McAfee_cybermum What age do you recommend that one allows a child onto social networking online sites? #CSAAM

A. Facebook,twitter etc strictly state that the entry age is 13. I agree. It isn’t right for kids to falsify age @CSAawareness #CSAAM

Q. @McAfee_cybermum I get a lot of FB friend requests from my 9 year old’s friends. How do I speak to their parents without offending. #CSAAM

A. A common problem,one that I face too. Broach the subject directly but gently w the parents & expl why its dangerous @csaawareness #CSAAM

Q. @McAfee_cybermum : How do online predators target children, what is the process? #CSAAM

A. They try to find victims at random or target ppl they know. They assume false id & send friendship/chat requests @csaawareness #CSAAM, They are on the lookout for kids who seek friendship, guidance and support online @csaawareness #CSAAM

Q. @McAfee_cybermum Are there any specialist softwares for checking on my niece’s surfing patterns? #CSAAM

A. Of course!Most reputed brands offer such s/w; like McAfee Family protection, which can be used for PC/iPhone/laptop/Pad @_keepitshort #CSAAM

Q. @McAfee_cybermum : what is the legal option in India for online CSA? #csaam

A. It is imperative to make the kid understand that its OK, not his/her fault.Keep records of all forms of comm @kiranmanral #CSAAM

Q. @McAfee_cybermum How do I keep a check on my younger brother’s cyber activities? #CSAAM

A. Check Internet history regularly. If history has been deleted for the period UR bro was online,then confront him on this @anshulraj #CSAAM

Q. @McAfee_cybermum In case if the kid deleted, still some security softwares save d info n log files or make a user not administrator.

A. Right. Also, if you use family protection s/w,U will rcv usage report, incl block sites accessed @metalsaint #CSAAM

Q. When do you think is the right age to give monitored internet access to kids? @McAfee_cybermum #CSAAM

A. School projects rq internet use. Also,its a gr8 learning & entertainment mode.Usage in preteen yrs must be monitored @monikamanchanda #CSAAM

Q. And how to ensure they are safe during that time? @McAfee_cybermum #CSAAM

A. Keep laptop/PC in an open space,with screen facing room (2) must hv a good security s/w (3) fix time @monikamanchanda, School projects rq internet use. Also,its a gr8 learning & entertainment mode.Usage in preteen yrs must be monitored @monikamanchanda #CSAAM

Q. @CSAawareness @McAfee_cybermum With even little kids having access to Internet & gadgets, how do you protect them from accidental porn?

A. You must use parental control on UR gadget or security s/w to block access to inappropriate sites @kolhapurichapal @CSAawareness #CSAAM


@McAfee_cybermum: Safe surfing tip: Encourage kids to create an e-mail id or profile name that doesn’t reveal … http://m.tmi.me/QRG3P

@McAfee_cybermum: You can create a family e-mail id that preteens can use. This will ensure they are not … http://m.tmi.me/QRFjo

Help kids set up their e-mail,FB a/c. This way, U will be able to make sure they don’t make public their add/school/age @CSAawareness #CSAAM

@McAfee_cybermum: Govt passed the ‘Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Bill last yr. It also … http://m.tmi.me/QRH3J

Its upto d parents 2 take the final decision & unfortunately many let their kids do as they please.lack of awareness @CSAawareness #CSAAM

@CSAawareness @mcafee_cybermum there should be regular discussions about the safety on the Internet during school Computer periods. #CSAAM

It shud be part of all school curriculum,as Internet will be an integral part of our life always. @sukhkarni @CSAawareness #CSAAM

In fact, cyber safety edu shud start as soon as the toddler starts fiddling w UR phone. Value edu helps too @sukhkarni @CSAawareness #CSAAM

Th education starts at childhood, slowly, in an age appr manner.Talk abt parent’s love & good touch-bad touch,stranger-danger @sukhkarni

Agree,for in many cases grandparents & caregivers spend the most time with growing kids @outburstindia: @CSAawareness #CSAAM

Things change, patterns change over time. And human minds can’t retain all info indefinitely @IImproved @sukhkarni @CSAawareness #CSAAM

Thank you @McAfee_cybermum for your time.