To the unborn child – Pinksocks

Hello baby,


  • Trust your instincts, they shall never let you down. If you feel someone’s action is not right and is making you feel bad about yourself, trust this feeling.
  • Ask questions that bother you.
  • Share your day with us even when you grow up.
  • Seek advise.
  • If you cant speak to us on these matters, write to us. [If you my gene, you shall certainly write when in doubt] ;)
  • Never look down upon yourself.
  • Consent is like a forbidden fruit, if you dont have it, you shall yearn for it. But if you have it you need to be very very careful with it.
  • Never take anyone for granted. Each person has a desire and also has neat boundaries. Never cross that line of confidence.
  • Siblings are the best people to have in life. Make them your closest pals. Advise each other and stand up for each other.
  • Use your energy in the best way possible.
  • When in doubt, count till 10. If you don’t get a response from within yourself, always ask someone you trust. [Your mom does that a lot]
  • Make lots of friends but make few best of friends. [Your mom and dad have a pretty decent number, we want you to give us a run for our money]. Also they shall come in handy when one of us are missing from your life. :)
  • If you are trying something that is considered “cool” by your other cool-er friends, just trust your values for sometime. Let them laugh at you. Only time shall tell who has the final laugh.

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