‘Never Ever’ – A Survivor’s Poem

An innocent angel with moist eyes..
Indulged in silence, loneliness..
Laying in the corner of a room
Weeping and wiping away her tears herself
Fear wrapping her around like a blanket
Memories haunting her like an evil spirit..
Losing her innocence
But a little girl was she..
He ripped off her innocence.
Thus making the most beautiful phase of her life..
The worst one..
No one to talk to
Her tiny heart
Enduring profound pain
Thus exposing herself too early
To the demons of the world..
A forgotten word for her now..
Tears accompanying her forever..
Fears wrapping her around forever..
Memories causing her pain forever..
What was her mistake??
Being an innocent child  who trusted this evil world blindly??
But if u have ever thought that
You have defeater her
Your wrong!!
She is not only the token of sacrifice,ocean of love but
she is also as powerful as the sea..
She will come back with great force
To conquer this world..
She is powerful as the wind..
Will destroy you..
She is powerful as the fire..
Will burn you into ashes..
You can never ever defeat her..
Never ever..