From Each One Of Us: What Can Be Done and What Can Be Stopped…..

My readers may be wondering as of why I am pouring out all my saga. My answer to such – definitely not to garner sympathy or popularity and also I absolutely need no help for myself. I did live with the enormous mental trauma, all alone through those tender years. The time when kids of my age were still innocent and delicate seeking to be protected, I gathered all my strength and tried to be as successful.  Very clearly I do know, that nothing can bring me back all the beautiful things, which I was denied in my childhood and which continued to some extent into my adulthood too. No one can mark a price to all those tears I shed and all my energy that I wasted on fighting those fears. I am surely not the first one to go through this, but I strongly await to see the last one and when it all stops completely. Each of the time my memory keeps scrolling in, I keep thinking towards the end, as of how many kids may be undergoing this trauma at this very moment. I also know that hardly any cases surface out and those which do, hardly any seek for medical help. Why so?? For reasons that are best known to almost all of us.

After a presumably thorough non-academic as well as academic research into the issue and adding into my viewpoints through my experience, I felt I must be giving out a message to the world, to save and soothe many little souls, who are either already in risk or who might be at risk. I want to light up the mankind in this aspect and seek all the possible people’s help to make it into a wildfire.

Do I think only girls end up as victims?? Definitely NOT. Many little boys too are in there looking for our help and shoulder.

Do I think there is a particular age group of kids who are more prone?? Again a NO. In the eyes of a perpetrator, no age is too small to look at kid as a mere piece of meat. As far as my knowledge goes, the youngest child sex abuse victim reported so far on the planet, is a month old baby. Too hard to accept the fact, yet its the truth.

Do I think offenders are always male?? NOT at all. Even women do have this personality disorder, just that the comparative numbers are lower. Offenders as a whole are combination of both the genders.

Do I think its easy to protect any kid around us from this evil?? May not be very easy, as it is a multilevel approach, but definitely everyone of us can do our share.

Do I think offenders are always adults?? Again may or may not be. Kids who attained puberty can also be the one.

What do I think that we can do as adults, to stop it by all means?? Yes, I am right there. And that’s my main motive behind all my posts so far.

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