“Everybody’s Responsibility” by Pallavi

This is the first time I am writing on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). I do not have any kids; however, this topic is as close to my heart as any parent. I have nieces and children of close friends and the mere thought of any of them going through CSA makes my blood boil.

It is often wrongly assumed that CSA only affects young girls and that too by men. That may not always be the case. Both young girls and boys are equally at risk by both men and women. It is all a question of who gets familiar with the child in what manner and how they exploit them.

In India, the discussion focussing on sexual awareness is taboo, per se. We do not feel comfortable discussing it with our parents or elders in the family. Whatever information we obtain is as teenagers via the media or our friends. This may not always be accurate or if obtained via wrong means could scar us for life.

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