CHUP, BAD GIRL – By Writerzblock

(An attempt to tell a story in Haiku form)


‘Bad uncle…’ the child whispers uneasily.

Mother glances at Neighbour… kind and respectable.

She nudges her irritably, ‘Chup*… Bad girl!


(Innumerable cases of child abuse are not stopped simply because we do not believe our children enough. We brush their fears aside, thinking they are baseless. They aren’t. They never are. If a child feels that there is ‘something wrong’ or ‘something bad’ – a touch that feels wrong for example, but is unable to express it, it is our damn duty to take up the matter seriously and investigate, and protect our children. This has been written for the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month)

* ‘chup’ – ‘quiet’ or ‘shut up’.


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