Being Five Years Old – Zen Mornings

Wanting a bus snack for the school bus ride home, ‘And it shouldn’t be Marie biscuits.’

Wanting to read ‘one hundred and ninety-nine bedtime books.’

Needing a stool to stand on while brushing his teeth.

Putting a warm, moist little hand in mine, trustingly, before we cross the road together.

Wearing a cap and dark glasses to a dental checkup

Being brave and not crying during MMR booster jabs

Singing Happy Happy to You for the dog’s third birthday

Practising lower-case letters on three-line paper

Making bread and butter for the whole family on Saturday mornings

Making chocolate cupcakes on Sunday afternoons

Wearing a band-aid for a whole week through bathtimes ‘because that’s how the hurt will get better’

Wanting to play in the garden all night long ‘because my teacher told us to play in fresh air every evening.’

Struggling to write the number 3, wondering whether it turns to the left or the right.

Playing Mighty Raju during Chhota Bheem games because Raju is the smallest.

Eating a banana every day ‘because my teacher said we should eat fruits.’

Being able to balance on rollerskates.

But still not being able to cycle without training wheels, which is okay.

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