No child sexual abuse cases yet registered with city police

Even after the implementation of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, no cases of child sexual abuse have been reported to date.

Not a single case of child sexual abuse was registered with the State Crime Record Bureau between July 2012, when the law went into effect, to February 2013, although the NGOs and the hospitals that have Collaborative Child Response Unit claim at least one case is registered with them every month.

The Child Collaborative Response Unit is an initiative from the state government in association with Enfold Trust, a Bangalore-based NGO that helps sexually abused children, in which a multidisciplinary team acts to prevent further victimization of abused children.

Khusi khashyap, who works for Enfold Trust, said, “We at least receive four cases every month, but less than 10 percent of them get reported.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Anand Kumar told The SoftCopy: “Parents don’t want to register the complaints against the offenders as they want to keep it as a secret.”

“The offender is often from the family or a close relative. Lodging complaints against them leads to ruining of the family,” Kumar said.
Padma. S (name changed), a girl living in Malleshwaram, was sexually abused by her step- father for around two years. Her case was registered with Enfold Trust in February, but it has not yet been reported to the police.

Dr. Madhuri, a child psychiatrist at Baptist Hospital, said, “As soon as the parents get assured that their child is safe, they don’t even come for further counseling sessions.

“This results to hypersensitivity of the child, who in the near future either becomes too regressive or addicted towards sex, or just likes to be isolated from the entire world.”

The economically weaker children are more prone to sexual abuse as offenders often give them money. In most of the cases both the parents are working and the child is left unprotected for long periods.

The director of Karnataka Child Trust K. Narshima. R., said: “Children in day care centers or shelter homes are also highly prone to sexual harrasment.

“A 4-year-old boy, Shiva (name changed), was sexually abused by the caretaker at a shelter home consecutively for seven days.”
In India, where the concept of sexual activity is still treated as a social taboo and associated with much shame and concealment, parents need to come forward instead of hiding such cases.

Dr. Madhuri said, “The child should be educated from an early age about the concept of proper touch and let them just be themselves.”

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