Teach kids to protect their privates with this video Via Babycenter

I am so fortunate that I made it through childhood without being physically violated or molested. Many children are not. The issue of sexual abuse is something that I admit, completely mystifies me. I can’t understand it and I certainly can’t imagine talking to my innocent children about such evil. But I also believe that knowledge is power and our children deserve every ounce of power they can get when it comes to protecting themselves from danger. I want to be able to teach them how to respond if they are violated.

The following video recently landed in my email and I knew I would have to share it here. In 4 minutes, Author Jill Starishevsky and Illustrator Shawn Feeney started the conversation I had no idea how to approach. This story, which was adapted from Jill’s book really lit a fire in me to make sure my kids are armed with every defense I can provide.

Check out the video and share it with every parent you know!