My Story of Abuse – Sithara.

“Well,I am sharing this story of mine here to spread awareness among people.I was a very talkative and an active kid! Innocence at its best!I was sexually abused when I was seven and it continued for a few years until they left! First by a man appointed by my landlord then by my school bus driver (mine was the last bus stop) and a neighborhood boy who was only two years elder to me,I do not want to elaborate what they had done to me as it still instills fear within me.The physical pain caused was far too tolerant than the pain caused deep inside me. I told my mom after many years about the abuse,though I haven’t told her all clearly,cause she isn’t well. I didn’t want her to feel guilty. My mom told me that she used to have a doubt that I was being abused but then she kept it to herself,by assuming that she must be wrong!!”

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