“THE NINE YEAR OLD” – Sithara.

She hides in the cupboard sometimes
She hides behind the door sometimes
Isnt this child wierd??
She sits in the dark
She cries in the dark
How wierd can this child be??
She always sticks on to her dog
She runs away from humans
This child is insane.
Only God knows why is she so wierd!

“Diary of a nine year old”
I hide in the cupboard or at times behind the door.
Cause I do not want him to find me.
He will hurt me.
I sit in the dark and cry
Cause I do not want anybody else to see me.
He has told me if I would reveal “our secrets” to others
They wouldn’t believe me.
They will think I am dirty.
He makes me feel guilty.
I trust only my dog
He protects me.
Believes me,
Understands my fear.

I do not trust anybody else
Cause even they might hurt me
I hide my bruises
I cover up myself
I try to ignore my pain
But I cannot
I try to control my tears
But I cannot
I am scared
I am scared to close my eyes.
Cause when I do images keep on flashing before me
And it hurts me
It kills me slowly
But I wont let myself to be defeated
I will rise up
Shine bright
Spread my rays to all
My rays will protect the good
And shall destroy the evil
Shall destroy the evil!!

Link:  http://sithara3991.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/the-nine-year-old/