Orange candies – fictional piece by Rashmi

I am Munna and Mili is my best friend. We are in 3rd standard. We love playing in the park. She likes to play on the swing and I like the slide. So, usually I push her on the swing ten times and then I go to play on the slide. it makes her happy. Her favorite colour is pink. And my favorite colour is red. I love red cars especially.

We both go to Prestige Public School. We have to wait at the gate by 7.30 in the morning. They pick us up first. I don’t like it. It is so cold in Bangalore in December. Mili wakes up by 6. Amma says she is a good girl. I love to sleep…I always feel so sleepy sleepy when amma wakes me up at 6.30. But our van uncle is nice. Even if I am late by 5 minutes, he will wait. Mili is always in the bus before I am. Raju uncle sits in the van with us. He scolds us when we stand or fight in the van.

Last week when Mili and I were playing in the park when Raju uncle came. He bought us candies. He had told us that he would buy us sweets. We both walked with him and sat behind a building and he gave us the candies. I took the green one and Mili took the orange one. She was wearing an orange frock that day. It had pretty green leaves in it. Uncle asked me to get money from amma. I think he had come to collect the van fees.

I ran home, took the money and came back. Mili and uncle were not there. And then uncle suddenly came out from somewhere. He took the money from me, gave me a kiss, said bye and went. I was looking for Mili. She came and smiled at me. Or did she not? Mili has a beautiful smile, but that day something was different. I think I saw tears in her eyes. She said that we should go home. I walked with her. I asked her what she played with uncle while I was away. She said doctor-doctor. I asked her who was the doctor and she said, uncle. I felt bad I missed it. I told myself that I will also play with uncle next time.

I had given Mili some of the orange candies. But as she entered her home, I saw that she dropped them outside. The orange candies broke. It looked so sad.

Next day, Mili did not come to school. Amma said she had fever. Lucky her! I hate going to school.

We had a test on Friday. Mili was in the bus before me. Mili was sitting in the last seat with Raju uncle. She was sitting on his lap. And I think he was tickling her with his hands inside her pinafore. Maybe he gave her more candies. I missed it! But why was she not laughing? Tickling makes me laugh! I thought she would cry. When uncle saw me, he put Mili on the seat and went to look for van uncle.

Mili always sits with me in the van. But that day, she did not come to me. So, I went to her. On the way to school she held my hand. I don’t know why, she was holding my hand very tight. But I was feeling sad. She did not share her candies with me. When we reached school, I saw her throw the candies away again. I asked her why she didn’t give them to me instead. She ran away from me and went to sit in the class before me.

I don’t know why, but I feel that Mili has changed. She does not play on the swing anymore. She simply sits next to the slide and looks at me. Sometimes, I think she cries, but I am not sure. Raju uncle likes her a lot. I think they play tickling-tickling game always. Why doesn’t uncle play with me? Maybe he does not like me. Mili is a very good girl. Maybe that’s why. Maybe uncle has become her best friend now. It makes me feel sad.

One day, amma had made our favorite choco cake. So, Mili came home with me after school. Amma gave both of us milk and the cake. We always play blindfold catch-catch at home. That day, Mili refused to be blindfolded. So, we played hide-and-seek instead. Mili was hiding below the table in Pappa’s study room. When Pappa found her and touched her, she screamed so loudly! Amma came running and Mili clung to Amma, crying loudly. Pappa gave her some candies from the fridge, but Mili said that she did not want candies and that candies make her sad. She also said that she is afraid and that she is a bad girl.

But Mili is not a bad girl. She is Munna’s best friend.

She is not a bad girl.