Let’s Break the Silence – Swati

As kids we never knew the word sexual abuse forget knowing about child sexual abuse! But the stark truth is that it has been there like an evil monster that keeps raising its head from time to time. I had always wanted to write about this dark and menacing world of child sexual abuse where the paedophiles lure the innocent children.

When I was approached by an NGO with the information that April is the month of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness, I realised that CSA is definitely another hot issue that plagues the world today. And if we look at the facts and figures, we would be amazed to know that almost 9 percent of the kids are being molested everyday and most often the molester is known to them. So when this NGO approached me I readily accepted and said I would like to contribute a post on the issue and here I am writing on the most dreaded form of abuse – Child Sexual Abuse.

If you stop and think about it, the words sexual abuse is itself scary and when they are prefixed with the word child they become scarier. And one can’t imagine what the child who is being sexually abused is going through because most of the times the person is someone the child trusts. While researching on the topic I came across lots of videos  that showcased the plight of the children and how they are abused by the adults who are supposed to protect them from any harm.

During my rsearch I came across numerous things and one of them was this quote by a renowned British author Beatrix Campbell – “Children’s bodies aren’t like automobiles with the assailant’s fingerprints lingering on the wheel. The world of sexual abuse is quintessentially secret. It is the perfect crime.”

Her words can’t be truer – the world of child sexual abuse is really dark, dirty and extremely secretive and it is this secrecy that the molester thrives on and repeats his shameless acts. Two years back Aamir Khan in Satyamev Jayate hosted an episode on Child Sexual Abuse and numerous kids came out in the open about their ordeal. It was difficult for them but I guess it was cathartic. I, myself, have been a victim and thankfully for me my mom listened and trusted me but how many kids are lucky in this sense. Most of the times children are rebuffed into silence by their parents on the matter and it is this silence on which the abuser thrives.

Thanks to the Internet there is a widespread awareness on the topic and parents are taking precautions and trying to teach their kids the difference between the right and wrong touch. Something that has become the need of an hour! But the most important thing is to rust your kid when he tells you something about being abused and remember that children don’t generally lie about such things.

Let’s raise our voices and speak up against child sexual abuse because the abuser thrives on silence! So let’s break the silence!