CSA IN THE NEWS – April 25, 2014

Supervisor of Bal Niketan arrested for sexual harassment of inmates

Manish Kumar, supervisor of Bal Niketan in Chandigarh, arrested on charges of sexual harassment of minor girls but claims that he has been framed



Bal Niketan residents resist UT attempt to shift them out

The UT Administration’s plan to shift 15 residents of Bal Niketan to Snehalaya children’s home at Maloya village “for security reasons’’ failed when the girls refused to move out.http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/chandigarh/bal-niketan-residents-resist-ut-attempt-to-shift-them-out/


Man held for molesting minor

24-year-old man for allegedly molesting a 16-year-old girl in Pune



 Exposing Rape & Abuse of Children in India

“I sleep in the park because I have nowhere to go,” explains a thirteen-year-old  girl and she goes on to describe how she is raped by strangers on a nightly basis while trying to survive on the streets of India. Street children in India – both boys and girls-  have the odds stacked against them and are extremely vulnerable on the streets.

http://powderroom.jezebel.com/the-rape-abuse-of-indias-street-childr en-1566577596


Arpan saving children from sexual abuse

Pooja Taparia, founder of NGO, Arpan, shares her insight on the taboo reality that is child sexual abuse



Pinki Virani’s fight against CSA




Helping eradicate abuse through learning

The Foundation’s Project H.E.A.L. seeks to help victims overcome the social taboo and stigma of CSA