Suryanelli Case – Vasudha

Suryanelli is a village in Idukki district in the Indian state of Kerela.This is the infamous Suryanelli rape case.The victim, a minor , who was sixteen year old then,  was blackmailed into running away  by her alleged lover ,bus cleaner,Raju .She went  missing from girls hostel in Munnar on 16th Januray,1996.Her father filed a police complaint.She returned home  after forty days .Rather, she was returned after forty days of confinement & innumerable rapes by various people, including a lawyer ,who started the series of rapes on the minor.During the period of forty  days,she was transferred from place to place in Kerela & Tamil Nadu.She was sent back home after she became too sick to be raped !  Her private parts had been abused so much that at a  mere touch,blood would ooze out !

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