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CSAAM April 2011, My Story by The Mad Momma.

Recognize Child Sexual Abuse by Desi Girl

How soon is it to begin, discusses Kiran

How to be Strong by Kumari

Protecting Boys from CSA by Sue

Guard your sons too says Monika

To Sum It Up –1

Education – The First Step to Prevent Abuse says Itchingtowrite

To Sum It Up – 2

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month By Sangitha

Save a smile says ArtNavy

What makes an abuser by Womens Web

To Sum It up – 3

Good touch, bad touch & Sexually Abusive touch by JLT

To Sum It Up – 4

To Sump It Up – 5

In the Mind of Pain and Shame by Goofy Mumma

To Sum It Up – 6

To Sum It Up – 7

Our Boys Need watching over too By Rohini

“Ssshhhh”…The most common way of dealing with CSA in India by Kanupriya

To Sum It Up – 8

Brief Note on CSA by Dipali

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The Importance of Semantics – Safe and Unsafe vs Right and Wrong or Good and Bad by Tulir

We need to stop talking and start acting by South Asian Parent

Commonly Asked Questions abt CSA by Enfold

Paedophilia & Tourism – About a short film by Ajay

Books as aids to keeping a child safe from sexual abuse

April Abuse Awarenss by Orange Jammies

Get I T Safe by Vidya, Tulir

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Precautions a parent can take to ensure that their child is safe

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Molestation, Dysfunctional Family for Ashely Judd

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